If you were arrested or went to court when you were under age 18 you may have a juvenile record. As long as your juvenile record is out there it can get in the way of getting a job, going to college, enrolling in the military, or if you have children, being able to volunteer at their school. If your record is expunged, or destroyed, that means no one can see it.

This website will help you figure out:

  1. whether you have a juvenile record
  2. what happens when you have a juvenile record
  3. whether and how you can get your record expunged

If you are eligible to have your record expunged, you can fill out a form that will connect you directly with a public defender in Philadelphia who can help you begin the expungement process.

This website was created by Juveniles for Justice, Juvenile Law Center, the Defender Association of Philadelphia, and designed by My Digital Landscape. The inspiration for this website comes from Expunge.io, a website created by the Mikva Juvenile Justice Council and hosted by Smart Chicago.